Whether you are looking to win airline or military training contracts, our team has extensive experience in bidding for, and winning, over £6 million in training contracts. In order to win tenders and contract bids you need a specialised team that know the steps involved and how to avoid any pitfalls along the way.

Military Tender Support

Our team have experience in winning and keeping MOD contracts. If you are looking to apply for an MOD training contract you’ll need support right from your first application through to delivery. Our team are able to advise only, or we can be involved in the application and delivery process as much as you need.

Should you be awarded a contract we are on hand to help you deliver over the total life of the training. 


Airline Training Contracts

Airlines are increasingly looking to become more involved in the training process, and winning an airline training contract is a great way to secure your future business and investments.

We have experience in bidding and pitching for airline contracts, as well as delivery of full cadetships and shorter specialist courses.

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