Funding Flight Training

Funding Flight Training

Funding Flight Training

A career flying for airlines is a very lucrative one, with rising pay well above average, great benefits and job security.

Funding your flight training journey can be the biggest challenge and barrier towards achieving your career goals.

We are unique in being the only provider in the UK with financing available, and we’ll share a bit about our products here as well as other options available. We offer independent advice on funding flight training.

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Three funding scenarios, in depth

While we offer specialised advice one-to-one, our webinars go into depth on a number of scenarios.

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Airline captain and first officer sitting in the cockpit

No funding in place

The most challenging situation to start from, we'll go through ways of training part-time, available scholarships and an in depth look at the costs and timelines you can expect

Nearly halfway there

If you have 30-50% of your funding available you may be in a good position for a training loan or part-sponsorship

Funding secured

We'll help you keep your investment secure by detailing strategies and training ideas to make the best use of your available funding


Perfect to get started


1/2 hour session
Consultation includes
Join us for a half-hour consultation for advice on training programmes, funding flight training and careers

Airline Assessment

Data led advice


Lite include:
Our Airline Assessment is used by some of the top airlines and flight schools in the UK, we back this up with pre and post assessment consultations to help you prepare for your future career

Our articles on Funding Flight Training

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