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FlightPlan Pathway

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The Basics

From First Flight to First Officer

In order to work as an airline pilot you’ll need to get your Airline Transport Pilot Licence. This is what you will work towards while in a training programme in the UK, however you won’t get the actual licence until you start work with an airline.

These steps are the basic outline of what you will need to go through in order to start working for an airline as a first officer.

All training here refers to the Modular training pathway, we feel this offers the best value for money for you. 

ATPL Theory and Hourbuilding

You'll study for your Airline Transport Pilot Licence Theory while building flying hours and experience

Commercial Training

You'll work towards your Commercial Pilot Licence while also learning how to fly more complex twin engine aircraft
Airline captain and first officer sitting in the cockpit

Airline Training

You'll learn how to work as part of a team on the flight deck, you'll also study the aircraft you will be working on in detail
Phase 1

Basic Flight Training

You’ll need your Private Pilot Licence in place to be accepted on to the course, so if you don’t already have this in place this is where you will start first, studying at a trusted partner around the UK and learning to fly and navigate a light aircraft.

Once you have this you’ll start ATPL theory right away. This can be distance learning or classroom based. This will take 9 months to complete.

You’ll need to build hours of flying experience in order to progress on to the next phase of training, this can either be taken alongside your ATPL theory or you will attend one of our centres once you have completed your ATPL theory.

By the end of this phase you should have :

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Night Rating
  • Restricted Instrument Rating
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence Theory
  • 90-100 hours of hourbuilding
Phase 2

Commercial Training

When you have finished Phase 1 you will move to a Commercial Training Centre in the UK to complete the rest of your training. This phase of training can take 3-6 months depending on which of our trusted providers you use.

You’ll learn how to fly multi-engine aircraft in challenging situations, putting you through your paces to ensure you are well equipped for your future career as an airline pilot.

In this phase you will complete

  • Multi-Engine Piston Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery
Rear view of pilot trainee and female flight instructor in cockpit
Airline captain and first officer sitting in the cockpit
Phase 3

Airline Training

You are now ready to look to enter the workforce, and the last course you’ll need to complete is the Multi-Crew Coordination Course (MCC). This 1-2 week course will prepare you for working as part of a 2 person team in the cockpit, ensuring the safety of your passengers and aircraft while working in a challenging environment.

Depending on your chosen airline you may also elect to take your Jet Orientation Course (JOC).

Once you have these in place you will be free to apply for an airline position in the UK. 


FlightPlan Pathway

This training programme will start from Private Pilot Licence onwards. If you don't already have this we will be happy to place you with a trusted partner
If you require a training loan there will be additional requirements. We are only able to lend to those who can afford the repayments and who can make repayments during their training period. If you are unable to make repayments we may ask for a higher deposit to cover this period or provide you with an alternative course structure

Our Fleet

You're making a big investment in your training. We only work with schools that have made investments into their fleet. No more paying for vintage aircraft and waiting on maintenance, modern, 21st century trainers from day 1

Basic Trainer

Tecnam P2002
11 Passengers
8:45 Hours

Commercial Trainer

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11 Passengers
8:45 Hours

Advanced Trainer

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
11 Passengers
8:45 Hours
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PPL Pre-Entry

Not got your PPL yet? Study at a trusted partner


/ hour
45 hour/£10,800 minimum
You'll need a study pack at £450, and a headset £250-1500. Landing fees at other airports are not included

FlightPlan Pathway

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/ month
Loan subject to status
Loan example £30,000 Initial Payment followed by 60 payments at £995 p/m. Staged payments are available as an alternative. Longer loan terms are available
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