Professional Flight Instructor

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Professional Flight Instructor

Our Professional Flight Instructor Cadetship is an 18 month course which includes all training required to seek employment as a Flight Instructor. You'll be mentored through the course by our highly experienced instructors, passing on the knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of this industry. On completion of training you can join one of our placement schemes with flying schools across the UK. You'll have all the right qualifications to take your career further, whether thats on to work as an airline pilot or to progress to training students on more advanced programmes.
14-18 months
Placement Scheme Available
Career Training

Become a Flight Instructor

As the demand for airline pilots increases, so does the demand for Professional Flight Instructors. Whether you are looking for a full career in Instruction or this is a step towards a flight deck position, becoming a Flight Instructor via our PFI course is the best route available in the UK.


Our Course

This course is designed for those with a Private Pilot Licence already in place. If you don’t have it already we can arrange this via a local partner.

Your Professional Flight Instructor Course will start with Airline Transport Pilot Licence Theory course, this 9 month module can be completed distance learning or via classroom training (optional upgrade). 

You’ll then complete your hourbuilding in our modern aircraft, getting prepared for your Commercial Pilot Licence which you will take at a partner school.

At the end of this course you’ll study for your Flight Instructor course, this final stage will qualify you to work as a Flight Instructor in the UK.


Pilot Placement Programme

We have a network of over 15 flying schools in the UK who have flight instructor placements available or you can choose your own to apply to. 

Flight Instructors starting salary is around £25,000, or part-time can be paid £25-40 an hour. We will work with you to get the best position for you.


Choose Your Package

You can join our courses after you have your Private Pilot Licence in place, if you don't have this already we can organise this at a trusted partner training establishment

PPL Pre-Entry

Not got your PPL yet? Study at a trusted partner


/ hour
45 hour/£10,800 minimum
You'll need a study pack at £450, and a headset £250-1500. Landing fees at other airports are not included

Professional Flight Instructor

With your Private Pilot Licence in place you'll be straight into your career training


Finance your training with us over 60 months at £650 per month. £16,000 deposit, total cost of training £55,000
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