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Corporate Services

Experience gives you the edge

Aviation Training is a highly competitive and challenging marketplace. With more opportunities available than ever before your company needs to be ready and equipped to deal with the demand. Our team have specialities in all areas of training delivery and we are ready to assist you.

Make the right moves for your business, whether that’s with our advisory service, outsourcing lead generation and customer support or with acquisition and delivery of new aircraft.


Supporting you for success

The biggest challenge facing flight schools in the UK is meeting the huge demand for training without risking their operation. In order to keep ahead of the competition many training organisations are making huge investments into back office staffing, increasing their overheads and making it hard to compete on price alone. 

Part or full outsourcing of some of these specialised roles to FlightPlan gives you the edge over your competition, with no staffing costs, holiday cover or unanswered calls. Our team are here to make sure you can concentrate your investments in the right area for your business.

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Training Contracts

We have helped negotiate and win over £6 million in military and civilian training contracts for our clients.

Sales and Marketing Support

Most UK flight schools depend on flight instructors to do their sales and marketing. Free up your workforce by part or fully outsourcing sales and marketing.